Published: 6 months ago

Part of what makes us a proud B Corp restaurant is our passion for supporting our local economy. Did you know that our tomatoes come all the way from Elmira? 😉 The greenhouses at Elmira’s Own Tomatoes are truly awe-inspiring. Row upon row of tomato plants towering into the sky above fill the indoor growing space year round. Farmer Stuart Horst notes that he and his staff regularly prune the plants by hand to ensure the perfect balance of fruit and leaf per stalk......resulting in the perfect tomato made regularly available on the menu at Borealis. Their tomatoes are delicious! But don’t take our word for it, come on in and try them yourself!! @elmirasown.tomatoes #eatlocal #localtasteswaybetter #buylocal @bcorporation #localfood #tomatoes #ontario #ontariofarmers #farmersfeedcities #kwawesome #kitchener
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