"Simply, we are committed to serving the very best of locally crafted, natural foods and beverages at everyday prices. We bring the highest quality of fresh products from Ontario farmers, breweries and wineries to our guests each and every day. Combined with a deep respect for local heritage and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication for sustainability, our restaurants represent the embodiment of our philosophy as it took form in the late sixties." 

Bob Desautels, Founder of the Neighbourhood Group of Companies

What's Happening

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This delicious pile of goodness is on its way to becoming our World (well....Kitchener 😉) Fam...

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You know what? Our Pear & Walnut Salad is exactly what your week is missing!! 🤤 It features r...

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Our Mushroom Flatbread is so delicious we can’t keep our hands off! 😉🤤 Why not give it a go t...

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