Published: 10 days ago

Want to take better food photos?! We asked KW local photographer @sylviapondphoto to share her tips and tricks to get the perfect shot! #1 Good lighting! Opt for natural light when you can. If you’re taking photos after dark (let’s say dinner time with Borealis take-out), turn on as many lights as you can and move the dish as close as you can to a light source. Watch where the light is coming from to avoid shadows- especially from your own phone. *Try using a flashlight from behind the food for a neat effect* #2 Make sure the focus is on the food, not the plate or the background #3 Use white card stock or board to reflect some light onto the food (we’ve used a napkin or a menu for our photos in the past 😄) #4 Try using the “portrait” or “food” mode on your phone to create a blurred background. Be sure to move a bit further away from your subject when using these modes #5 Style! Use fun plates, napkins or cutlery to dress your picture up! We’d love to see your at-home photos of our take home meals! Tag us so we can share! Follow @sylviapondphoto and @thesillykitchen for inspiration! 📸 #localtasteswaybetter #foodphotography #likeapro #showusyourpictures #eatlocal #drinklocal #thinkglobal


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